[Scribus] Please help with 'simple' scripting task - print the current document

Bill Hudacek bill.hudacek
Fri Jun 22 15:10:25 CEST 2007

[sorry if this is a dupe, had an error during send]

I get a syntax error with a caret pointing at the 't' in print()...

I tried

and both times, I get the syntax error right at the last 't' in the command.

I tried this with 'import Printer', and without.

Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks.


Petr Vanek wrote:
>> At this point, I'm either going to have to start over, using Gregory's 
>> approach and build a 90-page document, or use ms-word and vba :-/
>> Please help.  Is there no way to cause the document to print, on the 
>> default printer, from a script?
> of course there is one.
> scribus.Printer().print()
> full docs:
> For Developers - Scripter API - Printing
> petr
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