[Scribus] problems with embedded fonts in PDF form fields (listboxes and buttons)

jon info
Wed Jun 20 12:53:00 CEST 2007

Am 20.06.2007 um 05:42 schrieb jaitchis at hwy.com.au:

> Hi
> Using 3.9.9 on XP.. I put in a listbox and a button,
> fonts are Times New Roman/Arial .. nothing fancy.
> Saving this to PDF (1.3,1.4,1.5 .. same result) I get
> the fonts "mangled" as you can see in the PDF. The
> kerning and letter spacing seems to be very wrong.
> This effect is present in Adobe Reader 7 and Reader
> 6, but in Acrobat 7 itself it looks OK.
> If I don't embed the fonts, I get the correct results
> .. however, not embedding fonts is not a very nice
> solution (for portability)
> It also seems that including "outline" fonts does
> nothing.
> wrt the Listbox, there seems to be some weird
> scrolling happening in Adobe Reader, such that the
> listbox items disappear when you move the cursor down
> the list.
> Are these known problems? If so, is there a bug
> report extant on this?
> The sla and the pdf are available from
> http://dsanalytics.com/temp

Hi, watching the pdf in AR 8.1 everything is fine, nothing is mangled  
all functions,
as far as I can see, are preserved (nearly - the listbox also scrolls  
in a weird manner).

Opening the pdf with a non JS capable browser (for me it's Preview/OSX)
does not mix up the fonts but excludes the listbox' text except one  
line (hello)
in the wrong postion (bottom of the list), the button diplays only  
the rectangle, no text.
That's fair and expectable.

I don't know but could it be that AR 6 up to 7 does not support this  
kind or coding of JS?

Only some observations,

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