[Scribus] Which version to use?

Plinnell mrdocs
Mon Jun 18 11:25:43 CEST 2007


On Monday 18 June 2007, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
> Craig Bradney schrieb:
> [...]
> >> I tried from OpenSuSE and it keep crashing with Signal
> >> 11 when I tried opening a file with a total of five
> >> pictures. Turns out two
> >
> > should open docs with no problems. If it has
> > some issue, please submit a bug.
> >
> > Craig
> Why has OpenSuSE a version whilest there is only a
> on the download page?

The reason there is is I have a build server account which 
allows me to build rpms for Suse 10.0+, along with Fedora 5/6/7

Every once in a while I update these with the latest svn snapshot to 
allow folks to test bug fixes or use the latest stable svn.

> Is it a special version for OpenSuSE users 
> only, considering some special issues with Suse? Or did they
> backport it from svn?
> Rolf
This repo:http://software.opensuse.org/download/home:/mrdocs/ 
has Fedora 5/6/7 32 and 64 bit builds, Suse 10.+ 32 and 64 bit builds 
of Scribus and some other packages useful for Scribus users which are 
not currently part of Suse.

There are no Suse or Fedora specific issues that we are aware of.

Some info about the build server: 

Next I'll write a howto to use smart, yast etc. to add these repos to 
ensure you have the latest available easily.


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