[Scribus] Which version to use?

Franz Rogar franzrogar
Sun Jun 17 15:33:23 CEST 2007

Hello evryone:

First of all, I must thanks to you for this great DTP. It's fantastic.

So here's my question: Which version to use? stable or dev one?

This is my problem: I'm going to do an Student Handbook for my
University as project and it should be edited many times and always
improved (new chapters, re-structuring... as any handbook ;-) ).

It's for Geology, so layering (and other new options) is very helpful
to add maps and such, so using the dev one (1.3.4) is the best
approach; but, here's the first problem:

1.3.4 file format will be 100% compatible with 1.3.5 file format or it
will have that huge problems as for 1.3.3.x --> 1.3.4?

Will layers and such be added soon (or not added at all)  [soon means
3 or 4 months at last] to 1.3.3.x and I can work with stable?

Any tip is welcomed :)

Thanks in anyway,
        Franz Rogar

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