[Scribus] Imposition from within Scribus (again...)

Martin Tlustos martin_tlustos
Fri Jun 15 11:10:41 CEST 2007

I know this topic has been discussed extensively, I know you can do 
impositions with psutils and stuff - but please bear with me... :-)

Imagine (just happened to me):

You have just finished a 8 page booklet laid out nicely (A4 landscape, to be 
folded so you have an A5 booklet). Text, everything ready.
Now suddenly your supervisor comes in and says: "Hi, there's this piece of 
text that just must go in that booklet!" And of course it has to go somewhere 
in the middle. Now you have to rearrange EVERYTHING...
Wouldn't it be nice to just insert a page, put your text there  and let 
Scribus do the rest? Or am I the only one who has such supervisors?

Of course I might have missed the forest because I saw too many trees... (a 
German saying - I don't know whether it exists in English, too)


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