[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.4 Windows

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Jun 12 14:51:40 CEST 2007

Craig Ringer wrote:
> Jean Ghali wrote:
>> Porfirio Ribeiro wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I have been using Scribus for some time and another day i upgraded to 
>>> 1.3.4 on windows
>>> Its almost impossible to work with it lol
>>> So many bugs that would be hard to report them all
>>> You should have tested it a bit more on Windows :(
>> 1.3.4 is a development version and should be considered as is, ie primarily
>> for testing... For production, it is  recommended to stay with 1.3.3.x
> Honestly, I think this needs to be made clearer. We've had a *lot* of
> people misunderstanding this, and 1.3.4 does not appear to be stable
> enough that it's easy to get away with that misunderstanding.
Taking a cue from Ludi's page on the Wiki:
I've added a warning to the 1.3.4 features page:

Feel free to copy the warning anywhere else it might seem appropriate.


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