[Scribus] Crash on PDF-export with certain images when embedding color profiles

Corné Verbruggen caverbruggen
Mon Jun 11 12:45:43 CEST 2007

Hi all,

Scribus 1.3.4 crashes without any notice when exporting a document to PDF
when certain images are included. I tried to isolate te problem. It occurs
only when:
- Color: intended for Printer, AND
- Images, Use ICC profile: yes
- Don't use embedded ICC profiles: yes/no (no difference)

No problems when not embedding ICC's in images. The trouble-causing images
are two tiff's and a jpeg, but in the same document I have other tiff's and
jpeg not causing troubles. After saving the tiff's as jpeg and the jpeg as
another jpeg (using Gimp), including these solves the problem.

Does this probably mean that the images are corrupted? For one of the
tiff's, I also get the warning "name.tiff may be corrupted : missing
resolution tags". But almost the same warning is displayed when including
the jpeg version of this image: "name.jpeg may be corrupted : missing or
wrong resolution tags" (additioanl '...or wrong...'). But the jpeg version
does not result in a crash, so this warning does not seem te be related to

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