[Scribus] Pantone for Scribus

Le Tigre scribus
Mon Jun 11 09:22:02 CEST 2007

Louis Desjardins a ?crit :
> 2007/6/10, Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
> <mailto:alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com>>:
>     On 6/11/07, Le Tigre wrote:
>     > Hi all,
>     >
>     > Just for telling you that somebody just made a ink collection for
>     > Pantone for Scribus.
>     >
>     > See there (in French):
>     > http://www.linuxgraphic.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3745
>  I have not much time to translate the post on that site but there is
> one sentence that strikes me about Pantone and tests on press... My
> answers here tell the questions. (sorry this post is so long in the end...)
> 1. Pantone is not an ink company.
> 1 again. Pantone does not sell ink. (or I am totally ignorant of it.)
> 1. Pantone specifies colors. Pantone sells book with color samples.
> Pantone Inc. has established an industry standard by being successful at
> selling those sample books throughout the printing planet. Any printer
> can buy any inks they want and use the Pantone guide to mix the base
> colors in order to get the specified target. And this is what they do.
> All the time. Otherwise, there would be an ink monopoly and from what I
> know, there isn't. Yet.
> 1a. Pantone Matching System is good only if you print on similar stock
> as their guides. If you print on anything that is not white paper (this
> white), then forget it, your colors are *never* going to match. I am
> telling you this and they are as well, when you read the fine print. A
> yellowish white, or a blueish white, or a creamy white... will affect
> the PMS color no matter what. This is a physical reality.
> 2. Nothing prevents any Scribus user to buy such a sample book (and
> don't forget the coated and uncoated versions) and create a PMS color
> and name it the way they want in their Scribus document, including the
> way Pantone names these colors. Nothing. What? You bought the sampler,
> didn't you? This is what is important to them.
> At least on an offset press, the real result will never ever depend on
> the actual name written on the plate but on the "actual ink" that will
> be in the foutain on the press.
> Where it starts to be a bit more difficult, is when we print on digital
> printer that have the Pantone Matching System on-board, thus being able
> to reproduce with CMYK toner the so-called "exact" PMS color. I just
> don't know the mechanics behind the scene. Is it only the name calling
> for a specific "color recipee" within the printer (thus, any document
> bearing this color name could call the Printer's rip to interpret
> correctly the PMS color) or is it something else buried deeper into the
> app... ??? I don't know.
Tout ? fait d'accord avec Louis.

The color library is not called Pantone, so doesn't use any registred mark.

L'int?r?t, c'est surtout de pouvoir composer des fichiers Scribus avec
un ou plusieurs Pantone et d'avoir le r?sultat ? l'?cran. Les
?quivalents CMJN, en effet, ne peuvent pas (et ne pourront jamais) ?tre
vraiment les bons.


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