[Scribus] Justification in 1.3.4

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Sun Jun 10 10:54:29 CEST 2007

Thanks Andreas for the 1.3.4 justification rules wiki article. I had to read 
it twice in order to understand it (a bit slow on a Sunday morning - more 
coffee please !).

Now I humbly think 1.3.3 rules should still be available as an option NOT 
because they are technically better (not the case methinks) but in order to 
prevent massive messes (and therefore additional work and loss of 
productivity) when working on old documents. This will also ensure that as 
many of us as possible are creating new documents in 1.3.4 knowing it is 
downwards-safe when opening old stuff.
What about a dialog warning when opening old documents?


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