[Scribus] 1.3.4 on the homepage

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jun 8 04:06:40 CEST 2007

Plinnell wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 June 2007, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> mamem at gmx.net wrote:
>>> I think there is really a very big misunderstandig about the
>>> "status" of this 1.3.4 release. It should have been marked cvs or
>>> beta since the beginnig...
>>> It seems to be non stable, for non-production and developpment.
>>> This is what I understand in the answers on this list, and that
>>> the and next is the "stable" production
>>> branch...
>>> am I right?
>> Use 1.3.4 only if you're willing to live dangerously.
>> Greg
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> Hi,
> Well, I was the one who did not put the 1.3.4 download link on the 
> front page of www for a reason. I did not want new visitors to think 
> that 1.3.4 was the default or stable release.
> That said, while 1.3.4 *is* a development release, it is very much 
> usable and worth testing. 
> Not everything works 100%, but the wide testing it has had already and 
> bug reports are very useful. Exactly what a development release is 
> about. 
I agree fully with what you're saying -- there's plenty of us more than 
willing to live dangerously with Scribus. You have to be willing to put 
a lot of work into something that ends up with problems. I think the 
challenge is to try to sufficiently warn new users to not judge Scribus 
as a whole by this developmental release.


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