[Scribus] posters done with scribus 1.3.4

James Doepp jdoepp
Thu Jun 7 23:29:34 CEST 2007


I created the following posters (book advertisements) with Scribus 1.3.4.
Yes, this version is really only a development version (crashes frequently),
but usable. I would not use it for a larger project though (especially since
the files are not backward-compatible - if it turns out you are not able to
do something you really need, you can't revert back to the older version
without redesigning everything). That said, I have really enjoyed the new
features. Good job!

I do have one question: Is there any chance the undo/redo engine will be
working in text frames in the near future? The typographer we work with
doesn't want to even consider using Scribus without that feature.

Eginald Schlattner: A fejvesztett kakas (The Headless Rooster)

Borb?ly Szil?rd: F?ny a magasb?l (Light from Above)

Ki? erd?ly? (Whose is Transylvania?)

L?ng Zsolt: J?t?k a kript?ban (Play in the Crypt)

Lovas Andr?s: Mozdulj r?: ez m?s (Go For It: This is Different)

Bersz?n Istv?n: Terepk?nyv (Terrain Book)

Visky Andr?s: Tirami s?
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