[Scribus] Styles in 1.3.4

Thorsten Zörner mail
Wed Jun 6 16:25:53 CEST 2007

Thanks, Andreas!

I've just filed the bug and posted the SLA file.


On 06.06.07, at 15:55, avox wrote:
> Thorsten Z?rner wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I understand, that in Scribus 1.3.4 some things are done differently.
>> I don't expect Scribus data to be downward compatible... but upward
>> compatible I'd do.
> You are right there. As long as you dont e dit a frame it should be  
> exactly
> as before,
> if not, please file a bug report.
>> When I open a file saved with my old I notice one disturbing
>> thing:
>> Some texts have been moved around, partially moved away from colored
>> objects underneath.
>> Also, when I try to change these texts with the Script Editor, saving
>> them back
>> changes the letter size to 15something thousand pt instead of 7pt...
>> so I only read the first line and see the crossed to box bottom-right
>> to indicate there is more text somewhere.
> Can you file a bug and attach your original 1.3.3 file?
>> To me it seems that this is both due to the new Style Management.
>> I have also noticed that the new Style dialogue has plenty more
>> Styles than I've ever defined...
>> so which are "mine" and which shall I leave alone?
> There should be only two new ones: Default Character Style and Default
> Paragraph Style.
> Both hold the global style settings for your document.
> There is an issue that copy/paste multiplies styles, also odt and html
> import generate
> new styles.
>> How can I treat old files to work with the new Styles?
>> Is there a defined procedure or best practice for that?
> Your old paragraph styles will show up as new paragraph styles.
> In imported files, all character formatting will be direct formatting.
> Direct formatting takes precedence over named styles.
> If you want to control character formatting with named character  
> styles
> or paragraph styles, you need to use the new "style sweeper" icons
> in the properties palette. That clears all direct formatting and then
> the text will use the attributes as set in the named styles.
> The application of linespacing was somewhat unintuitive in the old  
> version.
> It is now a paragraph style attribute and can be set either in a  
> named style
> or directly with the properties palette.
> Currently there is no way to set attributes per *frame*. Any frame  
> settings
> in old documents are converted to direct formatting of the contained
> paragraphs and chars.
> Please give us feedback about usability issues with the new style  
> system.
> It's necessarily more complicated than the old system, but I want  
> to make
> it as predictable as possible.
> /Andreas
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