[Scribus] Problem compiling.

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Jun 6 13:25:25 CEST 2007

alexandre suzuki wrote:
> Trying to compile scribus-1.3.4 I get:
> cc1plus: out of memory allocating 26178496 bytes after
> a total \
> of 7798784 bytes

> I have Debian Linux 3.1 PowerPC,160 MB of RAM.I
> compile
> perfectly well scribus-1.3.3.x versions(I use cmake
> for and 1.3.4 but with autotools all have been
> OK).

I'd be astonished if Scribus ran reasonably well on a 160MB machine for
anything more than trivial documents.

> It?s my first problem.
> Is there a patch to fix this?

Add more swap space or memory. If you add swap space, you will need to
be VERY VERY PATIENT. Compiling will take an extremely long time.

Craig Ringer

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