[Scribus] sk1 - coreldraw of linux with cmyk prepress/printing cababilities

leo theGreat leo.thealmighty
Wed Jun 6 12:42:22 CEST 2007

Hi, John Culleton

>Depending on your needs consider also Inkscape, Gimp, Krita, and of
>course for typesetting the various forms of TeX. All but Gimp will
>handle CMYK.

Hi do inkscape also handles cmyk. i think it only let u choose cmyk colors,
but when u export the final output it converts everthing in rgb.
or there is some another way or format thru which
we can retain that cmyk colors of inkscape. if this is the case, please let
me know.
i m interested in exporting cmyk works from inkscape.

the one trick i have head is to export the inkscape svgs into scribus and
then export them from scribus for cmyk output.
But this trick only works for clipart and illustration works.
But if we have a lot of text of different fonts and sizes... like in
newspaper advt (for example a property listing with 15 pics of
 properites and 15 paras of description of properties). this trick won't
work beacause conversion will lead to
fourcolor output of black. which will turn black into rich black
which is not good for text (in case plates din't aling propery text will not
be ligilbe) text should be 100% black.

The best thing about inkscape is its speed and ease.

Btw, i saw your covers, i like the last one with blue band in the middle.
The only thing is
the name of the author in organe is not visible much. so u can put shadow
underneath it to make it clearly visible.

thanks for your feedback.
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