[Scribus] How to print?

avox avox
Tue Jun 5 22:27:49 CEST 2007

BandiPat-2 wrote:
> avox wrote:
> [...]
>> Can your switch on the "debug" mode in the LogLevel directive for your
>> daemon?
>> Edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf (or wherever this configuration file is
>> installed
>> in your case) to have the line "LogLevel debug" there. Then restart your
>> CUPS daemon /etc/software/init.d/cups start (the command may be
>> customized
>> by your Linux distribution).
>>> It seems it's sending the job or a job to CUPS successfully, but what's 
>>> it is sending appears to be blank, thus the blank pages?  Although it 
>>> does seem that the tmp.ps file is intact and the correct job/page. 
>>> Hopefully that will be helpful to you.  I'll test more later, but right 
>>> now, I don't seem to be getting any errors showing up in the logs and 
>>> that may be because there are none. 
>> -----------------
> Ok, Andreas, here is your debug from CUPS.  Again, I could see no errors 
> in the log.  The below pasted text is the last thing posted after 
> printing from Scibus in the log file.  Notice it mentions only 203 total 
> bytes of data then 34 bytes later?  It doesn't seem to be getting any 
> data to print from Scribus is my guess.  I also did a printout from 
> kmail before to see what differences there might be in the log, then I 
> removed the log file to let Scribus create a new one.  The only 
> difference I saw was the text listed below.  That was not included with 
> the kmail printout, otherwise they were identical.  Don't know if that 
> helps you or not.  So it seems CUPS & Gutenprint are doing their jobs 
> ok, to me at least.

I'd need to see the complete log to tell anything. You can attach it to bug
if you like.

I'm pretty sure Scribus sends a complete file to CUPS, but CUPS uses several
filter stages and your printjob appears to get smaller during that process.


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