[Scribus] German special vowel symbols with Scribus on Ubuntu

Johannes Schwall johannes.schwall
Mon Jun 4 20:09:06 CEST 2007

> > Scribus somehow doesn't know about german vowel symbols like ? and ? and
> > stuff. Is that because of the lc_all workaround? How can I get round it?

> your font must contain umlauts and other special characters to display and
> print them. I suppose the one you tried doesn't.

It's not the fonts. I have the same problem. The only solution I've
come up with so far is to input those characters by copy & paste or
via the character selector (or however it's called). If I have to
write more than a few words, I always carry a string consisting of
"???????" around with me, so I do not have to open the dialog window
each time.

It would really be nice to be able to input those the normal way again.


Johannes Schwall, M?nster

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