[Scribus] Ang. Scribus observations

andreas.karlsson at ltv.se andreas.karlsson
Mon Jun 4 09:24:50 CEST 2007

newburcj at epix.net @ INTERNET skrev 2007-06-01 18:34:14 :

> If Scribus is to increase its user base it must be made to be installed
> set up easier.

Well, I am using Scribus at Windows Vista, and I think it is really easy to
install. Just run the installers for Ghostscript and Scribus and all is set
up automatically. However, if Ghostscript should be bundled with Scribus it
would be somewhat easier. Besides this, it works just like a charm, so
increasing Scribus user base should be no problem.

> Finally, up and running, the observation that Scribus? performance seems
> awfully sluggish compared to other applications on my machine.

I have not seen this problem.

> On the whole, I?m encouraged by the features I?ve seen, but could find NO
> help item on ?Resize?, by searching through the Help section.

Well, I agree that the help sections are in bad need of improvements.

> Since imported graphics seem to have a path, it would be good to allow
> editing of these graphic via an additional graphics program (other than
> Python)...e.g. Fireworks.

Agreed. GIMP and Inkscape come immediately to mind.


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