[Scribus] Version 1.3.4 for Windows XP

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Jun 3 18:54:25 CEST 2007

Steve Sidney wrote:
> Hi Louis
> Thanks for the info.
> Any idea when there might be a 'stable' Windows version.
Current stable Windows is; after that, the next stable will 
likely be

1.3.4 will not ever be a "stable" version. Soon, it will be superseded 
by 1.3.5, which will also be considered developmental.
While as I understand it technically the next stable version beyond the 
1.3.3.x series will be 1.3.6, this will not be for some time. On a 
practical level what is likely to happen is that with time we will see 
most of the 1.3.5 bugs taken care of, more users report good results 
with it, and the late 1.3.5cvs versions should be unofficially pretty 
stable, yet not labeled as such. Then comes the announcement that the 
developmental 1.3.5cvs has morphed like a butterfly into 1.3.6.

If you scan the Scribus Archives, you will see ample evidence against 
using 1.3.4 for production work at  this time.


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