[Scribus] Another 1.3.4 print question

Martin Langeland dumluks
Sat Jun 2 01:10:15 CEST 2007

Hi All
I upgraded to the 1.3.4rc when it came out and noticed an anomaly in the 
print dialog. I checked the box for alternate print command and typed in 
kprinter as per Craig's (IIRC) excellent suggestion sometime back which 
until now has worked effortlessly. In previous versions this only needed 
to be chosen once. Thereafter the print dialog options box always opened 
with kprinter selected. In rc it would disappear when I closed the 
dialog box. This is a minor annoyance that I hoped would disappear in 
the actual release. Well it hasn't. The selection box stays filled 
within a session even if you open and close the dialog. If you exit 
Scribus the next time it starts the alternative command box is checked 
but the input box is empty.

Dactyl is an amd sempron 64 with 1gb ram running Open SuSE 10.2.
My Scribus is dated may 27, 2007 build ID C-C-T-F-A-64bit.

By the way the SuSE rpm installed flawlessly, a first for me.
Many thanks to the team for this great program.


Dum Luk's

Who lacks wealth, cunning, office,
brawn, beauty, charm or brains
must live by sheer dumb luck alone

dumluks at dumluks.com

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