[Scribus] How to print?

BandiPat magicpage91
Fri Jun 1 05:33:03 CEST 2007

avox wrote:
> BandiPat-2 wrote:
>> Ok, then why doesn't the same thing happen when using kprinter dialog to 
>> print?  It's still using CUPS & Gutenprint to output it's files?  If it 
>> were CUPS & Gutenprint having trouble, wouldn't that also apply with 
>> whatever program controlled the printout?  Or is that that Scribus is 
>> feeding it some miscommunication?  I guess maybe I'm not understanding 
>> something correctly.
> Good point. I have no idea what kprinter does internally, but Scribus just
> calls "lpr -P printername tmp.ps".
> Another possibility is that lpr isnt installed on your system. What' the
> output of "which lpr"?
> /Andreas
I also notice I have a /usr/bin/lpr-cups.  What if it called that instead?

Usually all I get is a blank page run out by the printer.  Each time I 
try to print, I get the number of pages for the number of times I try to 
print, all blank.  Example:  print once, get one blank sheet, print 
again, two blank sheets, etc.  Very odd behavior actually.

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