[Scribus] OpenType support when?

HARENDAL .h harendalh
Fri Jul 27 22:21:13 CEST 2007

>From: "Anousak Souphavanh"
>Harendal, thnaks for the explanation and info included here. From what
>I can see this is that
>Scribus is still using ANSI based fonts such as shown below.

** Oups! if I open the font properties, they have alls the code page 
on the list given in the last message, so also encoded ANSI, even if only 
one is realy present.
If I open it in my compiler, the default code is symbol, suggesting that 
somes troubles with code and name, in addition PS name used for open type
features aren't enter.

>Has the KhmerOS problem resolved? If so, I think we can base Lao on
>that resolultion.

** Under test version but new encoding work. You need to:
- reorder the PSnames with the codes of the corresponding ghyphes.
- Make sure that the scale from Lao glyph to latin ones are ajusted
for use in a multi-language text.
Is Lao use 2 to 5 hight level glyphes like Khmer?, if no
verrified assender and descender  and make try
with the reduction of the leading value. I don't know if
this one is usefull for Lao.
- Make the correction of the Page range supported
or make an open door.
- Check the opentype features and replace default glyph name by
new unicode name (not Id number) in class1 and 2

** To Louis Desjardins
Concernant les polices opentype, celles qui sont en truetype outlines
comme les polices livr?es avec windows fonctionnent dans scribus.
Mais je ne crois pas que celles qui sont en postscript oulines fonctionnent
enti?rement (kerning, sub..) ?


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