[Scribus] New to Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Jul 24 14:49:37 CEST 2007

Franz Schmid wrote:
> Andrew wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm new to Scribus. I can't find the answer to my question, so am  
>> asking here.
>> I have used the programme a couple of times and am pleased with the  
>> results so far!
>> Before I recommend the programme to my organisation, I want/need to  
>> know if the file formats are readable by the other platform(s). What  
>> I mean is, if I create a document using Scribus, on my Mac, will  
>> Scribus users on other platforms, such as Windows, be able to read  
>> and modify the files. And vice-versa?
> Scribus .sla files are pure XML-Text, so they are really cross platform.
Just make sure you are using the same version series. Right now, best to 
use (or something in the 1.3.3.x series). If someone were using 
1.3.4 and saved a file, someone else using could not open the file.


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