[Scribus] Copy to KDE clipboard.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jul 23 04:31:52 CEST 2007

John R. Culleton wrote:
> I want to go through a Scribus document and copy individual words to 
> the KDE clipboard so that they can be pasted into another non-Scribus 
> window.  Thus far the closest I can come is to click on the text 
> window, enter the story editor, enter edit mode, highlight the word, 
> then go to the edit dropdown menu and select "copy".   I would prefer 
> to just highlight the word directly as in other apps but that seems 
> not to be possible.  This is for an indexing app I am attempting to 
> cobble up. 
> Any suggestions? 
Just stay in the main window, enter Edit Contents of Frame mode 
(keyboard: E). You can double-click on a word to highlight it, then 
Ctrl-C -- goes straight to Klipper.
Alternative to avoid keystrokes - double-click on word, right click on 
highlighted word brings up Context Menu - click Copy -- goes to Klipper.


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