[Scribus] Spam on this list!

Roman Muñoz tatel
Sun Jul 22 20:06:12 CEST 2007

You're right about writing to the admin. However, I do not complain. 
Since you posted about seeing no spam, I think that replying on the same 
thread is right.

I guess your filter is better than mine.


Paul Hosler escribi?:
> Roman Mu?oz wrote:
>> Yes there is spam on this list.
>> Roman
> I never see spam until it is posted by someone complaining about spam on 
> the list.  In the future it might be nicer, if you want to complain 
> about spam, to write to the admin and not the entire group.  Getting 
> dozens of emails about spam I have never seen is a huge waste, and 
> detracts from the purpose of this list.
> Thank you,
> Paul
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