[Scribus] Spam on this list!

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Jul 22 10:53:19 CEST 2007

On Sunday 22 July 2007 10:26:10 Franz Schmid wrote:
> mamem at gmx.net schrieb:
> > Bonjour,
> >
> > I have more and more spam on this list, could a moderator do something
> > to avoid this spam?
> >
> > I wonder how it is possible to send spam here, isn't it a closed list,
> > I mean after inscription?
> I'm wondering about that too, as this list requires confirmation by me
> to get subscribed. And due to the last spam mails the first posts of
> a new member are moderated.
> So i really wonder how these spam mails can get through, even more as
> all the senders are not in the member list of the list.

Something to do with the order on the To line perhaps?


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