[Scribus] When getting text from txt file, line terminates too soon..

Richard Weingartner mathwhiz
Fri Jul 20 23:08:36 CEST 2007

At 04:47 PM 7/20/2007, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>Kevin Cole wrote:
> > On 7/19/07, dax702 <dax702 at cox.net> wrote:
> > Am I misremembering or wasn't there a way to save Word and WP files as
> > two different types of plain-text, one of which exported soft returns
> > as spaces rather than interpreting them as hard returns? (It's been a
> > while since playing with either, but I thought there was a better way
> > to export/save as...)
> >
>I suppose this could be true, but if you can't remember which plain text
>export it is, it's still frustrating.

I just fired up my copy of WordPerfect to check the export options - 
if you choose a text export (save as) option that has "Generic Word 
Processor" on it - that will not insert extra line breaks, and just 
leave long text as one big line.


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