[Scribus] PDF/X-1a in Scribus

Plinnell mrdocs
Fri Jul 20 00:07:10 CEST 2007

On Thursday 19 July 2007, momo wrote:
> Hi!
> Will it be possible to generate a PDF/X-1a in a future version of
> Scribus? (is it in the roadmap?)
> Molumen


Creating a PDF which has CMYK images which are 'tagged' with ICC 
profiles + exporting from Scribus with Printer in the Color tab + 
embedded fonts  essentially will give you the same results and most 
likely will pass a PDF/X-1 preflight.

That said, we will probably have the ability in the future to export 
100% perfect PDF/Xn versions. There is not doubt Scribus can do it, 
it is simply a matter of creating a sensible GUI and ehancing the 


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