[Scribus] Printing errors

avox avox
Thu Jul 19 12:51:33 CEST 2007

John Jason Jordan-2 wrote:
> Scribus on Ubuntu Feisty, amd64
> I have a number of laser printers. Today I wish to print to a Laserjet
> 5SiMx printer. This printer has genuine Adobe PostScript level 2. In
> CUPS I have two drivers installed for it:
> Laserjet-5Si
> Laserjet-5Si-5Si-MX-PostScript-(recommended)
> I think the first is a PCL-only driver, but CUPS is hard to figure out,
> so I am not sure. The other is definitely PostScript. It uses the same
> PPD file that I use to print from a Windows 2000 machine. I can print
> using either driver from any application (except Scribus).
> I have a four-page Scribus document to print. It is pretty simple, just
> text (all open source TrueType fonts) and two images, both JPG files.
> Everything appears fine on screen and in the Print Preview. When
> printing Scribus displays no error messages. When I print to the
> Laserjet-5Si the output is solid dark gray to the margins of the
> printing area (the document margins are two cm.). When I print to the
> Laserjet-5Si-5Si-MX-PostScript-(recommended) printer nothing at all
> happens. In the CUPS dialog box no print job even appears. Yet from the
> CUPS properties dialog box I can print a test page, so I know the
> driver and connection are all working.
> There is one other symptom. After trying to print to these drivers for
> a while, suddenly CUPS won't respond at all. Whatever Scribus is doing
> is not something that CUPS appreciates. Logging off and back on again
> does not cure it. I can't stop and restart CUPS from the command line
> because it no longer responds. The only solution is to shut down and
> restart.
> I'm out of ideas. Can someone suggest some troubleshooting tricks that
> might lead me to a solution?

Try specifying "lpr -PLaserjet-5Si-5Si-MX-PostScript-(recommended)" or 
"kprinter" as an alternate print command. This disables any options Scribus 
might send to CUPS.

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