[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 53, Issue 18

John R. Culleton john
Sun Jul 15 23:03:07 CEST 2007

On Saturday 14 July 2007 05:00, Jfo wrote:
> On Fri 13 Jul 2007 (22:51:09 +0200), scribus-request wrote:
> >Does your printer do duplexing or do you manually duplex? The
> > latter requires subdividing into two files and feeding the paper
> > in twice. I do that all the time.
>  John
>  Thanks for your comments. Yes all our current printers will not
> only duplex but will do multiple copies of multi-page duplex
> documents from a single download. (HP 8100DN + extended memory  and
> Xerox Phaser with hard drive)
>  I am not too worried about using psutils - except that I am not
> sure how the home computer types will take to command line
> operations! Surely there is a Windows graphics front-end to
> psutils?
>  Help! I have just remembered a program called printfile on my PC
> which has an n-up option. Must give it a go. (www.lerup.com)
>  Thanks again
>  John

Well I assume that only one person takes the pdf or ps file and sets 
it up for the printing operation. So that is the only person that 
needs to be concerned with psutils.  

Have I misunderstood the workflow among the participants?
John Culleton
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