[Scribus] Page background

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Fri Jul 13 17:47:32 CEST 2007

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 15:17:36 +1000
Dean McCorquodale <dmccorqu at bigpond.net.au> dijo:

> the files are store in a .scribus folder. Try deleting this and then re
> run scribus. it will create a new folder etc.

That worked. Wish I knew what caused the problem so I could file a bug
report. Oh well. Thanks for the tip. Problem solved.

Of course, I after nuking the ~/.scribus folder I had to go in and
recreate all my preferences. One does not seem to be working - Display
Margins. I left it at the default and the margins showed up dark blue.
All I wanted was a line in a different color showing where the margins
were. So I set the margin color to white (same as the page area),
thinking that this might then show a thin blue line that had been
obscured by the blue color before. But it made the the margins
invisible. So I went back and set the margin color to yellow (less of a
blast to the eyes than the dark blue), and now margin color will not
display at all, no matter what color I set it to.

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