[Scribus] Easy way to get back to 1.3.39 from 1.3.4 saved file ?

Michael Vincent uggbootcity
Thu Jul 12 03:04:36 CEST 2007

> I accidentally ended up saving 1.3.4 file format versions of files that
> I wanted to keep in the format.  Is there any easy way to export
> from 1.3.4 and reimport back into Selecting all and exporting
> as EPs or SVG only exports objects layer by layer AFAIK...
> BTW I didnt knowingly save these files either, but autosave probably did
> for me in this case :-( , saving my versions files into the
> 1.3.4 format . I want to keep using format as my colleagues wont
> be upgrading yet.

The workaround that I use is

1. Open the file in 1.3.4.
2. Save pages to a scrapbook file
3. Save the scrapbook to a temp name
4. From inside, import the scrapbook into scrapbook.
5. Drag contents onto a new page.

Doing it this way not not preserve all the formatting - justification and
line spacing is a bit off, but it is the closest I have found to a
conversion process. Also only have tried using single pages.

Hope it helps!

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