[Scribus] Font Help Please

HARENDAL .h harendalh
Wed Jul 11 20:27:02 CEST 2007

>From: Stewart Noy >
>Alright been working a bit more with the Demi.
>Have you added an outline to them? As the fonts (if you look at the capital
>T for example) seem taller and wider with less space between the letters?

** Was a test version, I haven't take the time to make correction, just
interresting by scale.
Not Outline in the proof PDF! Outline, yes a good idea...

>The example PDF with the outline was merely to emhasise the weight I was
>looking for. The weight is much closer though, but can the Demi be just a
>little thicker?

** See new release, this one is based on the VeraSans bold version. Hinted
and corrected and have attributes modified from the last version of Demi

>I'll send you a sample PDF of how the guide will turn out, not bad for a
>first attempt if I say so myself :)

** I'm waiting your mail, and if it possible give me a save.sla of
your work with-----[ ;-)


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