[Scribus] Black becomes lighter when exported to PDF

John Brown johnbrown105
Wed Jul 11 10:28:46 CEST 2007

Marcin Szafran <jm_sz at ...> writes:

> Wiadomosc napisana przez John Brown, 10.07.2007 3:57, zawierala m.in. 
> takie slowa:
> > Hello All,
> > 
> > I am using version n Windows XP.
> > 
> > I created an empty black text frame, and used it as the background to a
> > white (or transparent) text frame containing white text ...When I 
> > exported to PDF, the black background was not quite black.
> > It was a very dark gray.
> > 
> > It looks black in Scribus, but not in the PDF (Acrobat Reader 8.0, also
> > in KPDF on kubuntu 7.04)...

While fixing the problem, I realized that it was not black in Scribus
either. Sorry about that.

> > How can I fix this?
> >
> check your colour profiles - specially for printer (in most such cases 
> that is the reason). turn it off and try  to create pdf.

I looked in File -> Preferences -> Color Management. "Activate Color
Management" is not selected.

> also check if 
> your black is cmyk black (c0 m0 y0 k100) and not rgb.
> 	marcin

I duplicated Black, and saw that its properties were as you described.
However, the problem was fixed when I:

1) changed the colour model to RGB and set it to (0,0,0)
   The frame became black on screen in Scribus.

2) selected "Use ICC Profile" in Export to PDF -> Colors. I used the
   sRGB profile. I don't remember whether it was the default. Without
   (2), the frame was black in Scribus but not in the PDF.

I also tried exporting to PDF with scribus-ng on Kubuntu 7.04
before discovering the solution on Windows, and it seemed to work
without my having to change any default options, but I would have to
look again to make sure.

Thanks for your help.

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