[Scribus] Font Help Please

HARENDAL .h harendalh
Sun Jul 8 20:43:22 CEST 2007

From: Stewart Noy

>Ok will do so, as you can see from the PDF I can just replace the current
>Bitstream font with the new one without too much hassle so take your time.
>Looking forward to it.

** Hi Stewart

Bad weather in the sky of France... But a good way to make fonts!
So, find below the link to the new ADF web page (always under construction).
I give this one as downloading plateform.(Sorry for my english on)
You can find the Verana fonts as alternative weight for Vera sans, dejaVu, 
and Verina
in the workshop page.
Try by yourself and see if that is good and make your choice between Medium 
or Demi
with scibus. Only TTF are Available. The sizes are unchanged, they can thus 
fit easily
with the other Vera fonts you use.

I advise the use of Postscipt fonts for printing, but Vera Sans don't exists 
in this format.
So I decided to make an alternative one with somes little changes, find the 
(hum!... no idea during save works). I tried to make the changes after 
seeing your PDF.
It's a personnal and "artist" sight indeed (I don't know how explain that in 
Take a moment to see the sample made with Scribus, and please try it with 
your work to
see if I had a good inspiration.

The last addition is the GenomaADF font make fiew time ago after the Cedric 
SAGNE message about GillsansMT, and under development in PS type1 format. 
This one isn't made to copy
the original one, but offer an alternative font. I espect extend it to CE 
later. Its real name
will be GilliusADF...


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