[Scribus] Large space at bottom of text frames

Matt Gushee matt
Sun Jul 8 03:34:08 CEST 2007

John Brown wrote:

> ... I want to make the text frame black with white text. I get a lot
>> of unnecessary black space at the bottom of the frame.

> Why are all these gymnastics necessary? No extra space is added at the top of
> the frame, so why is it added at the bottom?

Look at the Shape tab on the Properties dialog, and try adjusting the 
Bottom property. I am now using Scribus 1.3.4, so I can't tell for sure, 
but it seems to me that in 1.3.3.x, this would reduce the space 
somewhat, though not to zero. Anyway, the problem seems to be fixed in 

Matt Gushee

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