[Scribus] Scribus not starting

halish halish
Thu Jul 5 17:46:56 CEST 2007

IMO, you're using SVN, so such results are possible.
Try updating the source and compile again.

I had such problem while working on my plugin. In my case it meant that I  
forgot (or misspelled) a function.

Dnia 05-07-2007 o 17:20:28 russbucket <russbucket at nwi.net> napisa?(a):

> Yesterdays information I sent:
> I reinstalled SUSE10.2, Scribus 1.3.5svn-11.1 today after loosing a disk
> drive. When I click the icon it tries to start but never does.
> I had it running fine before crash and was doing some development of a  
> new
> newsletter. Do you have any idea what to look for. It appears I have at  
> least
> 200MB of free memory and 200 GB of disk space. Swap area has lots of free
> space also.
> May have to drop back to or 1.3.4.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Here is some additional information I got this morning:
> I sent an email yesterday about Scribus not starting at 8:30PM. Today I  
> did a
> little more looking. Below is the manual command I tried today and the  
> error
> message I get. I had downloaded Scribus 1.3.5 yesterday from mrdocs.  
> Before
> my disk crashed I was running 1.3.5 but a different svn release I think.
> Command:
>  /usr/bin/scribus
> Error:
> /usr/bin/scribus: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/scribus: undefined  
> symbol:
> _ZN9QListData7detach2Ev
> I reinstalled my OS from the Novell 10.2 DVD, then updated system and
> applications. i have had a few permission problems in home/xxx/.kde but  
> all
> appear to be within .kde. I am the only user on system.
> Again any help would be appreciated.

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