[Scribus] Resizing Bitmap Images

Barbara Duprey barb
Thu Jul 5 15:32:47 CEST 2007

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2007 02:47 schrieb Barbara Duprey:
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>> <html>
>> <head>
>>   <meta content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="Content-Type">
>> </head>
>> <body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000">
>> Thanks! I'd looked at the properties, but missed the "Image" button.
>> All's well now.<br>
>> <br>
>> Christoph Sch&auml;fer wrote:
>> <blockquote cite="mid:200707041845.11668.christoph-schaefer at gmx.de"
>>  type="cite">
>>   <pre wrap="">Am Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2007 16:55 schrieb Barbara Duprey:
>>   </pre>
>>   <blockquote type="cite">
>>     <pre wrap="">Hi! I'm a newbie, just getting used to playing with
>> Scribus. I've looked a little at the archives, but I'm not sure how to
>> narrow things down enough to be useful there, so please forgive me if
>> you've answered this question a hundred times already.
>> I have a bitmap image of a map, on which I want to superimpose street
>> names, etc. In my initial attempt, I inserted an image frame and got the
>> bitmap, but I couldn't find any way to resize the bitmap itself, just
>> the frame. So as a quick and dirty solution, I used my word processor
>> (OpenOffice Writer) to pick up the image and resize it appropriately,
>> exported a PDF, and inserted that into the Scribus image. All went fine,
>> added text on paths and so on. When I export as a PDF, it complains
>> about the image but when I tell it to ignore errors, everything prints
>> out fine.
>> So far, so good. But now I really want to get at that base bitmap again,
>> change it, and recreate my Scribus document. I clearly need to have the
>> Scribus reference the bitmap, not the embedded PDF. What I'd LIKE to do
>> is create an image frame, insert the bitmap resized to fit the frame,
>> and then resize and reposition the frame AND the bitmap until the map is
>> back where it was. Am I out of luck here?
>>     </pre>
>>   </blockquote>
>>   <pre wrap=""><!---->
>> Hi Barbara,
>> Welcome to Scribus!
>> To achieve your goal, you have to open the Properties Palette (F2) and
>> select the option "Scale to Frame Size" in the "Image" tab.
>> For more info about the use of image frames see:
>> <a class="moz-txt-link-freetext"
>> href="http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Working_with_image_frames">http://w
>> iki.scribus.net/index.php/Working_with_image_frames</a>
>> HTH
>> Christoph
>>   </pre>
>> </blockquote>
>> </body>
>> </html>
> Hi Barbara,
> please don't send HTML emails to mailing lists. You can see above how such an 
> email looks like. It's a bit hard to parse the content ;)
> Cheers
> Christoph
Oops! Sorry, Christoph, I'll use plain text only now, and bottom 
posting. Definitely shouldn't make somebody work so hard to see my 
thank-you! I'm confused, though -- on the only other list I follow, 
graphical emoticons show up regularly and I didn't think they could be 
sent in plain text. By the way, I am subscribed, no need to send to my 
personal e-mail. Maybe that's why Thunderbird is showing your e-mail 
rather than the list when I use "Reply." I've been replacing it with the 
list address, but I'm hoping that isn't usually necessary since I might 
forget to do it.

I really appreciate your taking the time to help me out.

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