[Scribus] Resizing Bitmap Images

Barbara Duprey barb
Wed Jul 4 16:55:41 CEST 2007

Hi! I'm a newbie, just getting used to playing with Scribus. I've looked 
a little at the archives, but I'm not sure how to narrow things down 
enough to be useful there, so please forgive me if you've answered this 
question a hundred times already.

I have a bitmap image of a map, on which I want to superimpose street 
names, etc. In my initial attempt, I inserted an image frame and got the 
bitmap, but I couldn't find any way to resize the bitmap itself, just 
the frame. So as a quick and dirty solution, I used my word processor 
(OpenOffice Writer) to pick up the image and resize it appropriately, 
exported a PDF, and inserted that into the Scribus image. All went fine, 
added text on paths and so on. When I export as a PDF, it complains 
about the image but when I tell it to ignore errors, everything prints 
out fine.

So far, so good. But now I really want to get at that base bitmap again, 
change it, and recreate my Scribus document. I clearly need to have the 
Scribus reference the bitmap, not the embedded PDF. What I'd LIKE to do 
is create an image frame, insert the bitmap resized to fit the frame, 
and then resize and reposition the frame AND the bitmap until the map is 
back where it was. Am I out of luck here?

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