[Scribus] Generating funds for and from the Scribus community

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Tue Jul 3 22:19:27 CEST 2007

IMHO the purpose of selling merchandise and collecting funds is obviously 
serving both goals.
The use of theoretical money is not really an issue - bandwidth, promotional 
material  for events, as suggested, printed material for events no one may 
be able to attend physically.

Awareness would grow through the logo on physical objects, at our 
employer's, business contacts. From this awareness that something else 
exists out there and that this "something" is OpenSource curiosity will 
My opinion is that one of the major obstacles on Scribus's marketing route 
(YES marketing also applies to things that have no price tag) is developing 
a brand and be acknowledged as something that simply exists and deserves to 
be known.
A year and a half ago I googled like crazy for DTP Software, hoping I would 
find something in my budget, and my bosses, who until now only worshipped 
Indesign are now aware I use "this opensource DTP called Scribus... hey for 
something free it's really good, had never heard of it before".

Money to raise awareness cannot be too much - even travelling nearby in your 
own car because there is an event 50 miles away and you are going to speak 
(on your free time) for Scribus and OpenSource still costs petrol and such 
use of funds is really what the Scribus community needs for Scribus to 
become a familiar face and be seen as a genuine alternative to commercial 


> 2.  Are we going to raise funds, or increase publicity and awareness for
> Scribus?

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