[Scribus] Copy and paste

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Mon Jul 2 03:42:41 CEST 2007

Scribus, Ubuntu Feisty amd64

Is there a secret way to copy and paste text from other applications? I
have text in a Firefox page, selected and copied it, but Scribus
continues to paste something I placed in the clipboard several hours
ago from another program. I pasted the new text into Gedit as an
interim, but Scribus is still seeing the old data.

In fact, I just tried copying and pasting a few words from another text
frame in the same Scribus document, and it still pastes the old
clipboard data. 

I recall having this problem a couple years ago in OpenOffice.org,
although it seems to be fixed these days. Wonder if it's the same issue
and, if so, how they fixed it.

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