[Scribus] Font shadow

frank gaude' tanzen
Sun Jul 1 03:24:42 CEST 2007

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> The shadow effect is solid black, when it should be screened about 50%
> or less. It would be even cooler if it could blend out behind the text.
> I could do the effect in Photoshop as a graphic, but if there is a way
> to do it directly in Scribus it would save time. Is there a way to
> change the defaults for the shadow effect?
You can change the color and saturation of text by selecting it with the 
text tool, and changing the stroke and/or fill. All this is possible in 
the Properties/Text menu.

You can't have Gaussian Blur, which is really needed but not easy to do 
in the code. One of these days... <smile>


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