[Scribus] Vertical alignment of text in frame

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Sun Jul 1 00:28:33 CEST 2007

I'm just starting with Scribus, version on Ubuntu Feisty amd64. 

For my first serious project I am doing a book cover. I need to place a
text frame, rotated, in the spine area. The page width is 12 inches and
the spine will be 1/2 inch, so I set guides at 5.75 inches and 6.25
inches. I created a frame, typed the title into the frame, then rotated
it 270 degrees. I dragged it in between the guides, then used the mouse
to drag the width (originally height) of the frame so it is now 1/2
inch, fitting neatly between the guides.

So far, so good. But I need the text centered vertically in the frame.
I could kludge it by setting the inside margins for the frame,
experimenting until I got it close enough. But it sure would be a lot
faster, simpler, and more accurate if I could just set the properties
for the frame to "vertically centered text." I poked all over Scribus
and I looked through the wiki, but I can't find this feature. Does it
exist? If so, where'd y'all hide it?

PS, the barcode generator is very handy!

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