[Scribus] Color swatches - Legal and technical issues

Branko Vukelic bg.branko
Wed Jan 31 17:52:05 CET 2007

Joining this debate on color a bit late.

I think, too, that an open alternative to any proprietary color system
would be beneficial. First of all, it would be possible to describe
colors in a consistent and standard way, and every major (or minor,
for that matter) software vendor would be free to implement it.
Secondly, anyone who knows how to measure color would be able to
invent *proprietary* formulas, make profit off it and still use the
open color system as a reference. There could be, for instance, 3, or
4, or 100 different formulas for color OpenMatch ABC123 and from
different vendors. Suddenly the printers would no longer have to rely
upon one producer for their supplies.

The only thing that could/would pose as a major obstacle is QC. There
would have to be a single organization responsible for QC in order to
certify compliant products. Mere guidelines for QC would, IMHO, not
cut it... The organization responsible for QC could print their own
matching books, but that is not mandatory, since a colorimeter should
do just fine when comparing products with specs.

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