[Scribus] Scribus for Mac OS X

jon info
Wed Jan 31 16:00:31 CET 2007

>> Hello,
>>     I checked all my FONT areas, and after I went through your list
>> and compared each folder, I found out that both lists are exact.
>> No fonts were moved out of the recommended folders. Now I also have
>> these fonts in my user/library/font folder:
>> Symbol
>> AdobeFnt07.lst
>> ARDS1
>> BalmoNor
>> Balmoral.scr
>> Batang.ttf
>> Bodon
>> BodonBol
>> BodonBolIta
>> Bodoni.scn
>> BodonIta
>> BodonMTUltBolIta
>> BodonOpe
>> BodonReg
>> BodonRegObl
>> BodonUltBol
>> BookmDem
>> BookmDemIta
>> BookmLig
>> BookmLigIta
>> Casual
>> Christmas font
>> CWMAGIK_.ttf
>> DomCas
>> DomCasBol
>> Goodfish-Bold Italic.suit
>> Goodfish-Bold.suit
>> Goodfish-Italic.suit
>> Goodfish.suit
>> Gulim.ttf
>> Handsign.ttf
>> MS Gothic.ttf
>> MS Mincho.ttf
>> MS PGothic.ttf
>> MS PMincho.ttf
>> Myriad Music Fonts 4.0
>> PMingLUI.ttf
>> Roughwork
>> SimSun.ttf
>> Symbo
>>     I went to move them and the Asian fonts, (being careful to
>> indicate to myself where they came from), and restarted my machine.
>> A real mess ensued after that!
>> The machine wouldn't get beyond a certain point, I had to keep
>> rebooting, I did a safe boot, I checked permissions, I used Onyx, and
>> it just was
>> a real mess.  Finally, I replaced everything the way it was before I
>> started back into their respective font folders, and rebooted. I was
>> finally back to normal.
>> That was almost a whole night's work.
>>     Okay, I want to tell you that Scribus can't possibly be worth
>> this problem. I realized that many of the fonts must belong to menu
>> items that I use on an everyday basis. As you can see, my list isn't
>> that long, so I can't imagine having to go through all this work just
>> to run Scribus. I also deleted all the scribus files and program, re-
>> downloaded it, and started fresh. I still have the same problems.
Hi Michael, sorry for that, though I don't understand - if you boot 
your system without ! any extensions (including kernel extensions)
the fonts provided in the lists should let you boot without any issues 
(if you start in safe mode kernel and other ext aren't loaded).
And as Craig wrote none of the fonts in user/whatsoever are needed by 
the core system.
If you still startup with extensions wich possibly need certain fonts, 
especially kernel extensions - I am afraid that I totally uncapable of 
any help here.

Again, I am sorry for all the problems you went through..

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