[Scribus] Wrong JPG export dimensions when pages have different sizes

Cedric Sagne csagne
Tue Jan 30 11:39:03 CET 2007


I believe this may end in the bug tracker. Problem can be reproduced and seems to have a cause in "Document Setup".

Using Windows XP
I designed a document with three pages, page 1 is 10x15, page 2 is 18x24 and page 3 is 40x60 (cm). Pages are created in this order, with the first one as 10x15, then a 18x24, then 40x60.
Document properties still remembers the size of the first page created, and this may explain why when exporting (at least in JPG export), the file exported does not take into account the size of the page, but the size of the original page.
PDF export generates 3 pages with their correct dimension.

I posted 2 files for this test:
(only the jpg is missing, anything from your hard disk will do)

the images exported were, in the first case

and in the second case

showing that it was the dimensions of the first page that were taken into account (although dpi export settings remained on 300).
This can be reproduced when exporting all pages at once, or pages one by one. 
Is this a new bug or is it already in the bug tracker, or is there something I missed, a setting I could use ?


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