[Scribus] PDF Form Issue

JT Perry jt
Mon Jan 29 07:13:31 CET 2007

I am having a problem with creating pdf form fields in my version of
Scribus.  My about window says but with a date of January 9,
2007.  (So does this mean I am on 3.7?).  I am running Ubuntu Edgy
using and using the debian.scribus.net repository.

I also have installed.

Steps to repro my issue, in 1.3.X:

1) Create new Scribus document
2) Add text frame, insert some sample text like "Hello World"
3) Add PDF text field, change name to txtHello
4) Save scribus document
5) Export to PDF, change format to PDF 1.3

If I open in Adobe Reader 7.0, I can not see the border or focus the
input on the PDF field.  I can see the text frame and the "Hello
World".  Adobe does give me the warning that "you can't save but you
can print" (paraphrased).

If I follow the exact steps in, with the exception of having
to choose Acrobat 5.0 instead of PDF 1.3, it works as expected.  I can
see the field border and I can input text.

Any ideas before I enter a bug?


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