[Scribus] Disappearing graphics

Steve Jacobs steve
Thu Jan 25 05:12:04 CET 2007

Frank Cox wrote:
> The folks with the Parkland Bargain Hunter (http://www.thebargainhunter.net)
> have an occasional problem when they load a Scribus document and either all or
> several of the graphics have disappeared.  They put the graphics back and it's
> ok for a while, and then they disappear again a few load/save cycles later.
> Using Scribus
> The last time this happened I told them to immediately copy the .sla file to
> another filename, then put the missing graphics back and save the .sla file
> again.  They have done so and I just took a look at what the differences are.
> One of the missing graphics is called "napa auto care logo.png".  I see in the
> sla file that the one with the missing graphic has this reference to the
> graphic:
>  PFILE="../../../../commercialads/Logo's/napa auto care logo grey.png"
> The one with the graphic still included has this reference instead:
> PFILE="../../commercialads/Logo's/napa auto care logo grey.png"
> This suggests to me that the sla file is somehow getting corrupted and
> including the wrong path to some graphics in large documents.  (The Parkland
> Bargain Hunter .sla file is about 12mb long, not including the actual text of
> the classified ads which is inserted as one of the last steps before printing.)

This happens to me now and then, with no reproducible pattern that I can 
see. To get the images back without re-inserting them all manually, hit 
an arrow key or anything that will make Scribus think the document has 
been modified, then choose "Revert to Saved" in the file menu. When the 
document reloads your images will be there, at least mine always are.



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