[Scribus] Setting large text.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jan 25 05:35:29 CET 2007

John R. Culleton wrote:
> I need to set two lines of text for a chapter head. I am working from a spec 
> set up by another person. I opened up the text editor, wrote the two lines at 
> 30pt and they overlapped. Then I left a blank line in between and the 
> descender on the letter y still overlapped the line below. 
> How do I adjust the "leading" so that I can place the two lines the proper 
> verical distance apart?  I want the baseline skip to match the point size.
This is challenging, and seems it should be easier or more flexible. In 
the Story Editor, there isn't a widget for adjusting this. In the main 
window, I think you are supposed to be able to adjust this in Edit 
Contents of Frame mode, but I find that it adjusts the entire frame line 
spacing. (v

My suggestion would be to set up a new Paragraph Style (Edit > Paragraph 
Styles, or accessible from Story Editor) for your headers. Here you are 
able to independently adjust font size and line spacing to your likes, 
and you will find that as you increase font size there is an automatic 
adjustment of line size, with a preview window to show you what it looks 
like. It will also allow for easily editing other headings later.


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