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avox avox
Wed Jan 24 18:51:02 CET 2007

Michael Crisci wrote:
> Well,
>     I ran Scribus until it quit by itself. I looked into the activity  
> monitor, and I saw Scribus was looking for fonts like it should, but  
> I do have two very large hard drives on the computer (120G and 280G).  
> Could this be holding up the process to the point that it just quits?  
> Is there any way to direct Scribus to just go to one spot to get the  
> fonts?

It usually just looks at all fonts named by fontconnfig and in the
/System/Library/Fonts, /Library/Fonts, /Network/Library/Fonts and
One can configure additional directories in Scribus preferences, but I
understood you
didnt get that far.

Three more tries:

a) Make sure you use at least OSX 10.3.9

b) Maybe fontconfig was never used before on your machine. I remember
earlier reports
    where that caused problems. Did you ever start X11?  Try running "sudo
fc-cache -fv"
    from Terminal.app and try starting Scribus then.

c) Start Scribus with "gdb /Applications/Scribus.app" (or whereever you
installed Scribus),
    wait until it's a few minutes into building the fontcache, then press
Ctrl-C in Terminal.app.
    Enter "bt" and copy the information it outputs. File a bug on
    and attach that information.

Thanks for your patience! :-) Please leave a short notice if a) or b) worked
for you.

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