[Scribus] Embedding LaTeX

John Harrold john.m.harrold
Tue Jan 23 01:05:59 CET 2007

Sometime in January, Gregory Pittman proposed the following: 

| An alternative is of course pdflatex and use the pdf in an image frame.

>From my perspective, this isn't really much of an alternative and more of a
preference (pdflatex vs. dvips). The issue is that I'm still going outside
of scribus to make the pdf. Ideally, I'd be able to create an object in
scribus and insert something like the following text:

    \sin{x} & = & \frac{2y}{e^{2\pi}} \nonumber

Check some boxes about font color, shadows, font face, etc. Then I'd click
"OK" and scribus would call latex in the background and insert the compiled
output. At least that is how I sort of see it in my head ;).

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